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International Travel Document Decision Matrix
The US Department of State web site is the definitive source of travel warnings

Activity TypeIs notifying International Programs required?University’s international insurance required (through form #17 or #RM23)?Form 17 signed by International Programs?Appropriate version of signed informed consent or waiver
Faculty/staff* traveling to country under Travel WarningYesYesYes
Also Form 17 is required.
Faculty/Staff version
Faculty/staff traveling to country under Travel AlertNoYesNoNo
Faculty/staff traveling to country not under Warning or AlertNoYesNoNo
Student traveling to country under Travel WarningYesYes**#RM23 is required, inclusive of IP signature.Yes,
Student version
Student traveling to country under Travel Alert YesYesNoNo
Student traveling to country not under Warning or AlertYesYesNoNo
Faculty/staff/students traveling outside the 50 federated US states on any Purdue activity(e.g. Puerto Rico, Guam, US Virgin Islands)See AboveYesNo
(unless travel warning);
See Above
(unless travel warning);
See Above

[ * ] Note: Staff includes graduate students only if under the auspices of holding a graduate staff appointment and conducting activities to fulfill those obligations while abroad all while being in paid status.

[ ** ] Note: Faculty/staff overseeing students or student groups going to destinations under a Travel Warning need to first request an exception of the Purdue Security and Risk Assessment Committee three months in advance. Protocol documents are designed for individual students as well as student groups. If approved, sponsoring faculty/staff are expected to attend to related tasks before student departure.

Please direct questions about student travel to the Office of Programs for Study Abroad (765-494-2383) and questions about faculty/staff travel to the David Ayers, Office of the Dean of International Programs (765-494-9399).